Which is the best Adobe Air Wireframe and Prototype Software?

I have been looking for some wireframe and prototype software for a while and I have found some that are based on Adobe Air.

Has anyone used any of these Adobe air apps?

If you have which one do you prefer?

FlairBuilder is a cross-platform tool for rapid authoring of interactive wireframes and software prototypes.

iPlotz allows you to rapidly create clickable, navigable mockups and wireframes for prototyping websites and software applications.

Lumzy is a Quick MockUp tool. It’s a simple to use drag n’ drop app for creating quick mockups on the run with hand-drawn feel.

Balsamiq Create software mockups in minutes, Collaborate with your team, Focus on creating your product.

5 thoughts on “Which is the best Adobe Air Wireframe and Prototype Software?”

  1. You forgot Balsamiq.

    I have played with iPlotz, but never Lumzy or FlairBuilder. I’m definitely going to see how these compare to the others.


  2. Thanks Lee. It was an oversight.

    Do you have any comments on usability and how easy the software was to use etc?

    Let me know.

  3. I spend all day, every day wire framing for a dozen or so clients. Balsamiq is my hands down favorite. I use it to quickly get sign off on high level patterns and then move to more detailed wire framing in Omni Graffle.

    The owner of Balsamiq provides all the support and is a very nice and extremely innovative guy. He has went out of his way to help me any time I have had a request.

    Balsamiq cut my wire framing time down by more than half. I have tried Lumzy and iPlotz and was almost won over by iPlotz’s management and master screens, but they don’t have all the states in the controls, like selected, disabled, checked- and it is a huge waste of time to try to simulate those in the design.

  4. Thanks for the comments. I will be gathering all comments and putting them all together in a later post.

  5. I’m goin with Iplotz.. mostly because of the looks i think.. i’d like to have wireframes that look more or less good enough to use in a presentation for a client..

    The functionality of flairbuilder is quite nice it has some nice alignment features.. but the looks are not sketchy enough and you don’t get the kind of abstract image you would like from a wireframe program

    Balsmiq is cool.. but it looks to much like a kids drawing to me when you

    The first thing lumzy did was give me an eror.. bye bye

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