Links for the week

Traversty — headache-free DOM collection management and traversal

Using Underscore.js’s debounce() to filter double-clicks

jQuery.Deferred is the most important client-side tool you have

Zynga Scroller Accelerated panning and zooming for DOM and Canvas Very Cool.

jQuery.signalRamp.js is a lightweight jQuery plugin that synchronizes UIs across all subscribed clients. Leveraging SignalR and SignalGrr as a SignalR proxy server,

How To Write Maintainable jQuery Applications – Intelligible Babble – Leland Richardson

Conditionizr: the conditional free legacy, retina, script and style loader

Solving vs. Fixing Bugs

Choose the right PHP framework | Feature | .net magazine

ScrobMaster allows you to attach events to scroll points based off registered DOM elements.

Asynchronous JS: Callbacks, Listeners, Control Flow Libs and Promises – Sebastian’s Blog

A scalable real-time backend for your web app

The goal of Meteor is to provide a simple and fast way to develop web applications. Let’s see if it is as good as it seems.

Analytics.js The hassle-free way to integrate analytics into any web application.

enchant.js JavaScript Game Engine

Top JavaScript Frameworks for your next Mobile Project