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Firefox’s 1 pixel indent on the caption tag

I was making a table that has a <caption> tag on it and I noticed that in Firefox there was a 1 pixel indent on the left side of the Caption and in Safari (Ver – 3.1.2) there is a 1 pixel right indent.

I could not figure out why that was until I found this “Styling Table Captions“. This page is outdated but has some useful information.

You would think that the basic fix for Firefox and safari would be this:

caption {

This only fixes Firefox and not the issues with Safari or Google Chrome.
I guess My immediate fix for this is to add a <td> with colspan and a class called caption.

Anyone has any Ideas how to fix this?


Some more information on styling captions on tables.

This page has the fix for Firefox and some versions of Opera. Warning the fix does contain a hack.

Styling table captions with CSS: fixing the width problem